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He continued his studies at the University of Riga , where he became active in socialist politics, including giving political speeches and working for an underground newspaper. Bers received his Ph. Having applied for postdoctoral studies in Paris, he was given a visa to go to France soon after the Munich Agreement , in which Nazi Germany annexed Czechoslovakia. He and his wife Mary had a daughter in Paris. They were unable to obtain a visa there to emigrate to the US, as the Latvian quota had filled, so they escaped to the south of France ten days before the fall of Paris, and eventually obtained an emergency US visa in Marseilles, one of a group of 10, visas set aside for political refugees by Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Bers family rejoined Bers' mother, who had by then moved to New York City and become a psychoanalyst, married to thespian Beno Tumarin. After the war, Bers found an assistant professorship at Syracuse University — , before moving to New York University — and then Columbia University — , where he became the Davies Professor of Mathematics, [3] [4] and where he chaired the mathematics department from to National Committee on Mathematics from to , and chaired the Mathematics Section of the National Academy of Sciences from to Late in his life, Bers suffered from Parkinson's disease and strokes.

He died on October 29, Bers' doctoral work was on the subject of potential theory.

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While in Paris, he worked on Green's function and on integral representations. At Brown, he began working on problems of fluid dynamics , and in particular on the two-dimensional subsonic flows associated with cross-sections of airfoils. At this time, he began his work with Abe Gelbart on what would eventually develop into the theory of pseudoanalytic functions.

Through the s and s he continued to develop this theory, and to use it to study the planar elliptic partial differential equations associated with subsonic flows. Another of his major results in this time concerned the singularities of the partial differential equations defining minimal surfaces. In an interview following his resignation, Logokwa affirms that the Sudanese government has set up camps to train "terrorists.

The military commander of Kadogle, the principal town in southern Kordofan, claims that government forces have destroyed 13 rebel bases in the area, and that more than 32, civilians have left SPLA-controlled regions. AFP 27 Sept. The new faction is headed by William Nyuon Bany, former deputy commander-in-chief of the Garang group, and begins operations in eastern Equatoria. Catholic bishops from rebel-controlled parts of southern Sudan call on Catholic bishops throughout east Africa to urge the UN, the Organization of African Unity OAU and foreign governments to consider the plight of the people in southern Sudan with the same concern as those of former Yugoslavia, Somalia and southern Iraq.

The bishops accuse government troops of practising genocide in the town of Juba. AFP 2 Sept. After a brief occupation, the town is abandoned and government troops recover it empty of southerners and munitions. In the aftermath of the attack the government detains civil servants, all southern Sudanese, and reportedly tortures them in ghost houses located in the town. Indian Ocean Newsletter 14 Nov. The proposal stresses that Sudan should remain unified during a two or three-year transitional period, after which time a decision will be made about the future of southern Sudan.

Indian Ocean Newsletter 28 Nov. In the face of international protests and the threat of UN censure, the government establishes a committee to investigate the "incidents" witnessed in Juba in June and July By the end of the year the government has still not released any information on the whereabouts of the majority of those arrested in Juba. The UN General Assembly passes a resolution condemning the human rights record of Sudan's military regime. Among other things, the resolution calls on the Special Rapporteur on Summary or Arbitrary Executions to address the killing of Sudanese nationals working for foreign government relief organizations, and "invites" the Commission on Human Rights to give urgent attention at its 49th session to the human rights situation in Sudan.

Sudan Democratic Gazette Jan. About a dozen individuals are detained by the Sudanese security forces. Among them are two trade unionists and two former government employees. All are suspected of membership in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Reportedly, the detainees are subject to torture and ill-treatment. World Organization Against Torture 7 Jan. After UN-supervised meetings in Nairobi, the Sudanese government and the three factions of the SPLA reach agreement to guarantee the flow of relief supplies to citizens affected by the war in southern Sudan.

Sudan Update 12 Dec. The allegations are later denied by the Sudanese government. The Sudanese government allegedly dispatches instructions to its troops in southern Sudan, offering financial rewards to soldiers able to prove they have impregnated at least four southern women in the last year. According to the Sudan Democratic Gazette , rape is actively encouraged by the authorities as part of a plan to undermine southern tribal culture and their African heritage.

Sudan Democratic Gazette Feb. According to a Sudanese diplomatic source, leaders of the NIF and government authorities have drafted a plan of "staggered" retaliation in response to Egypt's occupation of the region of Hailab, the source of an old territorial dispute between the two countries. Egyptian officials reportedly accuse the Sudanese government of training Islamic fundamentalists to destabilize the Mubarak government, while Sudan charges Egypt with harbouring Sudanese opposition elements. Indian Ocean Newsletter 16 Jan.

AFP 9 Jan. Sudanese opposition forces in Cairo warn that the government of Iran is lending Sudan several impounded Iraqi military aircraft, reportedly as a prelude to a new offensive against southern Sudanese rebels. AFP 20 Jan. In one of three major speeches delivered in Khartoum, the Pope reportedly states that there can never be peace in Sudan without respect for freedom, justice and human rights.

Jeune Afrique Feb. Garang urges the Sudanese government to hold new talks with the SPLA, under the auspices of the UN, in order to demilitarize certain areas of the country. Xinhua 25 Feb. The government agrees to a cease-fire in combat zones in the southern part of the country. According to a Sudanese government official, the president of Nigeria will meet with the SPLA to fix a date for a new round of peace talks to be held in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Suanjing shi shu Ten Mathematical Classics in Chinese. Beijing: Zhonghua shuju. Rashed, Roshdi Archive for History of Exact Sciences. Robson, Eleanor Archived from the original PDF on Serre, Jean-Pierre []. A Course in Arithmetic. Smith, D. History of Mathematics, Vol I. Tannery, Paul ; Henry, Charles eds.

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In Dunham, William ed. The Genius of Euler: reflections on his life and work. Volume 2 of MAA tercentenary Euler celebration. New York: Mathematical Association of America. Varadarajan, V. Vardi, Ilan April American Mathematical Monthly. Science Awakening. New York: Oxford University Press. Number theory. Algebraic number theory Analytic number theory Geometric number theory Computational number theory Transcendental number theory Diophantine geometry Combinatorial number theory Arithmetic geometry Arithmetic topology Arithmetic dynamics.

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Combinatorics Graph theory Order theory Game theory. Arithmetic Algebraic number theory Analytic number theory Diophantine geometry. Algebraic Differential Geometric. Control theory Mathematical biology Mathematical chemistry Mathematical economics Mathematical finance Mathematical physics Mathematical psychology Mathematical statistics Probability Statistics. Computer science Theory of computation Numerical analysis Optimization Computer algebra. History of mathematics Recreational mathematics Mathematics and art Mathematics education.