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Or Ramon Estevez, the middle brother of Charlie and Emilio, who taught me how to tap-dance for Oklahoma. He acted with Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School.

Which was tough. I mean, here was a character that millions of people had already imagined. At some point, Julian, wasted party boy, product of radical West Coast excess, morphed into Downey, spawn of Hollywood, drugs, movies, and the rest of it.

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That performance defined his early career. How he exposed himself, seemed to open his life to scrutiny. This is when critics began referring to him as the most talented of his generation. A cataract of movies followed, each resulting in another chapter, another friendship, story, or lesson. He starred in with Kiefer Sutherland, who shared a house with Downey for three years, sons of the Old Guard, tearing through lates Hollywood. He was not an obvious candidate for Chaplin. So Downey went to work, turning himself, bit by bit, into the maestro.

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Insane falls, the great sad eyes. After he auditioned, there was no one else. By picking Downey to portray one of the most revered figures in film history, Attenborough, the late director of A Bridge Too Far and Gandhi , promoted Downey, put an arm over his shoulder, led him to the inner chamber of the upper room. If, years later, he got a second and a third chance when he was in trouble, this is probably when he earned it. And yet Chaplin did not make money. Critics, yes; audiences, not so much.

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The sun was a red ball being stuffed into its cabinet behind the sea. Dusk was upon Malibu. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans turned at the cuff.

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  7. His hair was pushed up in a wild-man-meets-electric-socket sort of way. He popped a piece of gum into his mouth. And you go, O. But, yes, that role means a lot. Marvel is kind of like this sacred brotherhood. He opened the door, and we saw two goats with buckteeth inside. One was peeing on the ground while the other just stared. Across the way were his alpacas, four ludicrous-looking animals, the only beasts God made in the second week. I thought this might shed light on the alpacas.

    He looked confused.

    See a Problem?

    Who are you? Except my word.

    He led me to a lot covered with cars. Two dozen vehicles beneath gray tarps, many of which could be identified by shape alone. He continued, pointing tarp to tarp. Bentley given to me in lieu of back-end payment for Iron Man 3. Night had come. There was a big moon on the sea.

    The house was yellow with electric light. We ate in the dining room, side by side as the chef served shrimp on skewers, then pad Thai. I was interested in the bad time, the lost years, drugs and prison, but did not want to be a jerk about it.

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    Happened to be a very public one. I was not a guy who blacked out. And what is it that triggers that brain stem to inappropriately interact with the midbrain and tell the forebrain to rationalize an occasional obsession as a dire need? What makes a lab rat push the cocaine button? Can you help someone get out of those woods? Yes, you can. By not getting lost looking for them. He started using drugs when he was a kid. It became a serious problem later, in the flush of success, adulation.

    In June , he was stopped for speeding. The Pacific Coast Highway. The strobe of police lights. The cops searched the car. Heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine. An unloaded. Everything else followed with the inevitability of a dream. Sent to live in a rehab facility, he busted out.

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    In Hawaiian shirt and hospital pants. Sent to a more secure facility, he busted out again. But he's squandered his fortune on drink, blackjack, womanizing, and brawling, leaving a wake of wrecked cars and friendships, not to mention lost or stolen wooden legs. Then the mysterious Iris Mary Parfait enters his life. She's on the run from a tragic childhood and a bad, bad man.

    Narrated in Junior's unvarnished voice, Junior's Leg takes the reader on a singular journey through the mind of a troubled man. Join our global community of more than , librarians and educators. Invalid email or password. Try again. Forgot password? LOG IN.


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