Manual Feminist Art and the Maternal

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Sometimes it was the whole figure; sometimes just a foot. But all of her work was deeply personal.

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Combined, the discernible themes of self, motherhood and domesticity could explain why Bourgeois has become synonymous with the feminist art movement, taking on an almost ambassadorial role. But this is a narrative that rankled both Bourgeois and Gorovoy, a New Yorker who now, at 63, runs her foundation and oversees most of the global installations with a keen, instructive eye.

It was simply autobiographical — she was dealing with universal emotions: jealousy, rejection, and so on. These are pre-gender.

Rather, she adopted a contrary attitude towards critics eager to pigeonhole — or at least understand — her exclusively with those terms. Bourgeois was born in Paris on Christmas Day in Her parents, Josephine and Louis, ran a tapestry gallery in the 6th arrondissement.

Feminist Aesthetics

It is thought this fear and anger towards her father stayed with Bourgeois, becoming a motif within her works, almost all of which were created in New York where she lived with her husband, art critic Robert Goldwater , after moving from Paris after their marriage in Like a spider, my mother was a weaver Like spiders, my mother was very clever. However, from through to the s, her work certainly touched on her paternal relationship which, though fractious, Gorovoy says was not as negative as critics have suggested.

But too much has been made of his infidelity. This one stuck and, unfortunately, became the lens through which [critics] viewed and interpreted her. Another reason she found herself in feminist waters was the timing of her work.

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Just as she seemed to find her feet in the s, the male-dominated genre of abstract expressionism exploded, making stars of male contemporaries such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko , and overshadowing her sculptures. She began, through her work, to rebel against the patriarchy this represented.

Bourgeois kept hundreds of diaries and letters. She spoke a great deal, internalising very little, and she used art as a way of expressing and investigating her own subconscious.

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In fact, a box of her writings has become a sort of ersatz student text on psychoanalysis, last seen in at an exhibition at The Freud Museum. Where the surrealists focused on the more fantastic elements of the subconscious, Bourgeois played with his more subtle ideas of the uncanny the unheimlich or un-homely. Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow. Andrea Liss.

Mapping the Maternal: Art, Ethics, and the Anthropocene

SEP Feminist motherhood is a surprisingly unexplored subject. In fact, feminism and motherhood have been often thought of as incompatible.

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Profound, provocative, and innovative, Feminist Art and the Maternal is the first work to critically examine the dilemmas and promises of representing feminist motherhood in contemporary art and visual culture.