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Foxy Faeries events are open to all those of fae heart, the fae-allied and the fae-curious, regardless of gender or orientation. In order to attend a Foxy Faeries gathering, the first step is to register by paying a deposit in our online shop. See our website for more details. Mark them on your calendar and come visit us in all four seasons:. Announcing our Dates!!!

Mark them on your calendar and come visit us in all four seasons: F7 Gatherette February 15 — 19, Come join us for our annual winter gathering! Stay indoors with wood-fired stoves to keep you nice and toasty.

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During the day there is sledding, snow-shoeing, hot chocolate, massage circles, or just relaxing by the fireside. Come welcome Spring with us!

This is the height of summer when you can swim in the lake and bathe in the sun! Samhain Gathering October 18 — 21, Our final gathering of the year celebrates the harvest with delicious food, as we welcome otherworldly spirits, sprites, and Fae!

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Previous post: Canada Day Next post: Beltane He studied the lawn, which was enjoying the last few weeks of green, as winter would soon be changing its color to a pale amber, something he disliked every year. Looking around, he noticed a squirrel rounding up acorns that had fallen out of the large oak tree. It was obviously preparing for the winter. He then wondered to himself whether he would still be living when winter arrived. So many of his friends had passed away over the last few years.

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All he could do would be to enjoy the many memories he and his late wife had experienced together and with their friends. None of them could have been prepared for waking up, going to the store or dancing for the last time. If someone had told Charlie that his last fishing trip would be his last, he would certainly have stayed out all day and probably all night as well.

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As he went back into his house, he had to wonder if this would be his last time to walk into the front yard. Each new day I should consider the things I do as if they were the first time I did them instead of the last. Advocate readers may submit stories of about words to the Human Condition at features theadvocate. There is no payment, and stories will be edited.