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World's Brightest LED in a Flashlight! (Cree CXB3590)

In each case, the displays use a modular concept, where smaller direct LED panels are fitted together like tiles to produce one large screen surface. In most cases, the seams are almost invisible viewing from normal viewing distances. Due to the modular structure of the system, theoretically, almost any resolution level and screen size is possible according to a Sony representative. However, to achieve certain resolution levels, like 4K or 8K, larger screen sizes will be necessary to fit all of the pixels in across the screen.

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The limitation, here, being the pixel pitch spacing between pixels which has thus far prevented smaller traditional home-size screens with 4K Ultra HD resolution or higher. The pixel pitch is 1. However, the company said it will be bringing a consumer-targeted MicroLED home theater version to market by the end of the year with a matte finish and invisible seams. The Wall was being pitched at integrators looking to offer their customers displays in any configuration for residential home theater environments.

In commercial environments integrators can assemble panel video walls that stand more than 10 feet tall and nearly 6 feet wide for signage applications and other purposes. Since it is LED-based and using technology that was designed to work in extreme sunlight, the displays can achieve extremely bright HDR contrast levels, the company said. However, the screen size can go larger, if customers desire it.


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They will also support a wide color gamut. Peak brightness levels are listed at 1, nits and the refresh rate is 60Hz. Features in the consumer version will include: HDMI 2. The 1. The displays can be set for various brightness levels as different applications require.

Brighter LEDs Signal Longer Life And Lower Power For Lighting Applications

The F-Series offers a pixel pitch of 1. The Q-Series dvLED panel was designed for larger applications, offering a wider pixel pitch starting at 2. NEC, which is targeting professional and commercial applications with its wall displays, said its technology has an 80,hour lifespan, front and rear serviceability, and a variety of pixel pitch options.

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Theoretical maximum luminous efficacy of white LEDs

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